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Search Engine Optimization has evolved a lot in the last few years. The link building strategy is changing every now and then. But the basic factors about the SEO are still the same. Try to build a good and clean website with fresh and unique contents on it.

If you are feeding your website with such fresh and unique contents on regular basis, your website is surely going to rank on the search engines with little SEO work as well. Here we have shared the advantages of doing Social Bookmarking SEO Services, which we still find working for many of our clients’ websites.

Advantages of Social Bookmarking Services in SEO

Social Bookmarking SEO Services for SEO and website traffic

Traffic from Social Bookmarking SEO Service

Social Bookmarking helps to bring referral traffic to websites and blogs. People like to share about websites, articles or blogs which seems to be interesting to them. Once these pages are shared on social bookmarking sites, it becomes visible to other web users as well in similar category or niche. This creates a very good possibility of increasing website traffic for similar likes niche topics.

Further, if the topic on the pages is more interesting, you can further get more likes and shares for the page or website. You can check the image on right from one of my webpage which has a good very good amount of shares from Stumbleupon, Facebook and Google Plus. This helped to generate a really very good amount of traffic to that page and help to earn nearly approx. 1,550$ from single page.

There are many social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Digg, etc that can also help to bring in hell amount of traffic if targeted in the right way.

Apart from getting these good amounts of traffic from social bookmarking websites, you also get one-way backlinks from these websites. Therefore the backlink profile also improves for your website which is going to be very helpful.

Few of the other benefits of Social Bookmarking SEO Services

  1. Increase visibility of website or blog: More people will get to know about your website from these Social Bookmarking websites.
  2. Increase in Traffic to website: These websites will help to drive more traffic to your website
  3. Get more one-way backlinks: This helps in backlink Building for your website.
  4. Improve website ranking: More the backlinks, better will be your website ranking in Search engines.

In the recent days there are opinions that Social Bookmarking maybe not be so useful for SEO, but if the social bookmarking is done on the right kind of website, this social bookmarking service is surely going to be very useful.

The Below Video from Matt Cutts explains the use of social signal coming to your website from relevant sites.

Advantage of ordering Social Bookmarking SEO Service

Social Bookmarking SEO Services is very useful since it helps to get the social bookmarking done in the best way as recommended by the SEO pundits. Below are some of the major advantages of hiring SEO experts for your social bookmarking services for websites.

  1. 100% Manual submissions done on all social bookmarking websites
  2. We ensure each social bookmark site is 100% safe for your website
  3. We choose SEO friendly social bookmark websites only which offer good SEO value
  4. We help to analyze the best keywords, meta description and title for your social bookmark
  5. The major submission was done on High PageRank social bookmarking sites(PR2-PR8) only.
  6. Separate login and password created for each submission.
  7. Detailed excel report provided a social bookmarking job done.
  8. Completion time is 7-10 days.
  9. We have 2 plans available for Social bookmarks
  10. Money back Guaranteed if not happy with the work.

We are in the field of SEO from last 8 years and you can completely trust our SEO services. We have already helped more than webmasters and website owners for SEO jobs and improving their website ranking.

How to order Social Bookmarking Services at

  1. We would suggest you go for 75 Social Bookmarks which is available at special rate of 45$(Order Now)
  2. Once the ordering is done, you can send the website details to email id –
  3. Website details required in the below format:
    • PayPal Transaction reference number:
    • Website Title – Short title about your website or blog page. It can be around 75 words long
    • Target keywords:  4-5 keywords you wish to target for the submission
    • Meta Description:  Short description about your website.  It can be around 2-3 lines or sentences.
    • Website URL: your website link
    • Website Category: Main category or alternative categories as suitable
    • Image attachment (if applicable)
    • Submitter name:
    • Email id for communication

If you have any query or issues, you can directly contact us through our contact page. Our response time is 4-6 hours. We will try to revert to the best possible solution to your issues.

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