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Off-page, SEO plays a very important role in building backlinks for any website. With the continuous change in Google algorithm and updates, it has become very important to get quality and high page rank backlinks. There are still many strategies that still work in building backlinks to improve website ranking and boost website traffic. Blog commenting services is one of this useful strategy that helps in getting high page rank do-follow backlinks from the useful website with a good amount of traffic and high authority.

Blog commenting services is a way to create one-way backlinks to your website. If you are able to create a set of such backlinks from various websites, you can just think of the volume of the referral traffic that comes to the website. Blog commenting involve commenting on others website and leave a link to your own website on the others site.

Once the blog comment is approved, you will get a backlink created for your blog comment. This blog comment can be do-follow or no-follow depending on the website. It is always useful if you can get a dofollow backlinks from such sites. The reader on the article, also check the comments and follow your link if you blog comment is interesting.

Blog Commenting Services and blog commenting websites list

Blog Commenting Services

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At we offer service for creating high quality and high pagerank blog comments with dofollow and nofollow backlinks. There are many high ranking website with 1000+ visitors every day. We work on posting blog comments on such sites which further helps to drive referral traffic as well to the website. Apart from the referral traffic, you also get the back links created such sites.

We are expert in making blog comments with very high approval rate due to the nature and the content of the blog comment created through our SEO expert team. There are many website with high ranking which allows on genuine and real blog comments which adds value to their article. We create the article in such a way that it fulfills the webmasters guidelines and rules for blog comments.

Why Buy Blog commenting services from us?

  • More than 8 years of experience in SEO work
  • We make original blog comment which is defiantly approved by the moderators.
  • We focus on the content of the article and target website while making the comment which make it more relevant.
  • Our comment are more of interactive type, this help in driving referral traffic from the blog post.
  • We post with original id which make the comment more genuine and original.
  • The blog comment backlinks are google Penguin safe. So no need to worry about penalties.
  • In last 8 years, we have create a huge list of blog commenting sites useful for all category and niche.

What we offer in our blog comment services?

  • 40 high PR blog comments for only 20$
  • 100% Manual blog comment creation by our SEO experts.
  • Blog comments are create on various sites with page rank from PR2 to PR7.
  • We make mix of Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks to maintain the balance of backlinks.
  • Since we make manual submissions, job completion time is 4-5 days.
  • We provide detailed excel report after the job completed.

How to buy Blog comments from us?

  • Firstly we make submission only for sites that are in line with google guidelines. We don’t work for sites prohibited by google.
  • You need to order the blog comments through our below page option.
  • Once the order is process, you will be redirected to the website details page. Wherein you can provide your website url, keywords and website niche.
  • Once we have received your details, we will acknowledge the same and try to complete the job within our stipulated time.

Till date we have completed more than 1000+ orders for blog commenting and we are trusted by many for our best SEO services for ranking and traffic generation.

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