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SEO for Photographers: With the increasing trend of the online world and searching everything online, it has become necessary to showcase your business, product or services online. The best way to showcase your business online is through websites and blogs.

A website is like an online showroom that helps you to present your business to potential customers who are looking for similar services on the web. If are able to present your business correctly or presently how it is going to help the customer in resolving his issues and fulfill his needs, he is surely going to buy your product or services.

There are many local business and services that are not necessarily be presented to the whole world, but there is a good scope of business for such companies if they are presented at locally. Some of the best examples of such websites would be

  • Photography Websites
  • Video Production Company websites
  • Artist or Art websites
  • Wedding Photography Websites
  • Advertising websites

Nowadays, everybody likes to search for the service provider from the comfort of their home, instead of going out in the market and searching physically. So, if these services are presented through website customers can very easily find you and discuss the services.

The most widely used way of searching websites and services is through Google search engine. So, if these websites on the first page of google search, there is a possibility of getting around 10-40% of the customer looking for such services. Let me show you one small example how this may work out for your business.

Let’s consider a website with a business profile as “Photographers in Los Angeles”. This Keyword has a monthly search of nearly 500 monthly.

Keywords Monthly Searches
photographers in Los angeles 500
LOS Angeles photographer 1300
photographer Los angeles 720
photography Los angeles 320
photographers in Los Angeles ca 260

If someone is looking for these keywords on Google Search, it is for sure he will visit the websites which are available on the 1st page of the google search. Now depending upon the exact position in the google search the click ratio varies. For example, the website on the 1st position gets the most of the click. Studies show that around 33% of the user visit click on the 1st position website. Followed by the other position as shown in the below image.


Percentage of Traffic by Google ranking position

How to improve the ranking in Google Search?

There are two ways to get on the top position of the google search.

  • First is through paid advertising option offered by Google – Adwords( Pay per click option)
  • Second is through making your website search engine friendly through SEO work.

Traffic through Google Adwords

As we know Adwords is the paid advertising option offered by Google for placing your website on the first page of Google for your selected keywords. For example, if you want to drive traffic for “Photographers in Los Angeles” keyword, then you will have to pay to google for every referred customer form google. Google charge for every referred customer through their PPC network.

These pay per click rates vary depending upon the bid prices. For the keyword “Photographers in Los Angeles” it is around 12-15$ per click. If you wish to have the decent traffic of 150-200 visits to your website through this option, you need to have a budget of more than 2000$ monthly. which may not be a very wise strategy for long term.

SEO for Photographers Website, Artist website, Wedding Websites

SEO for Photographers websites wedding websites marriage websites artist websites

Search Engines Optimization for Websites – SEO for Photographers website and Wedding sites

This is the other option and more widely used for long-term results. SEO stands for Search engines optimization. There are mainly 2 parts in Search Engines Optimization. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO work.

On-Page SEO for Photographers Website

The Search engines follow some algorithms or set of rules while evaluating the ranking of any website. There are billions of websites today. For every search made on google search, you can find the number o websites available for that particular keyword. So to decide which website should be on top and more relevant to the search term, Google uses these rules. Through On-page SEO work, we try to make the website in line with these rules.

Few tips for On-page SEO work

There are many things to be considered while doing On-Page SEO, few of them are listed below.

  • Structure of the website – The website data, pages must be in a structured way which helps Google to know your website and pages more correctly and easily.
  • Meta Details – All the pages on the website must have a proper title, keywords, meta description, images, Videos and quality content on the pages.
  • Quality Contents – It is said that “Content is King”. If your website has enough and in-depth content which helps the users, then it makes it much easier for ranking higher in a google search.
  • Image Optimization – All the images on the website must with of appropriate size, meta details in image properties. I have a website which receives 40% of traffic from Google images. This result is just because of better image optimization.
  • Site Map submission – Website must have updated sitemap which helps search engines to crawl all the pages available on the website. The site helps in guiding the crawl with page addresses and structure.

There are many things that need to be done to make the website Search engine friendly. Once the On-page SEO is done correctly, the Off-page SEO work becomes much easier.

Off Page, SEO work for Websites and Blogs

Off-Page SEO means promoting and marketing our websites on others websites and social media sites. Off-page, SEO helps in improving the keyword ranking in search engines and also helps to drive referral traffic. The ranking of the website is decided by the quality of content, relevancy of topic, quantity, and quality of the backlinks coming to your website.

If your websites are referred by many other webmasters, this shows your website and content is more authentic and of high quality. In such cases the chances of ranking higher in search engine increase. Therefore, in Off-page SEO, we normally work on building backlinks and articles on others websites and try to get good quality backlinks.

Few activities for Off-Page SEO includes

  • Content creation and distribution on high authority website
  • Creating Niche Blog sites and marketing through blogs
  • Getting Backlinks to our website through Blog Commenting on related websites
  • Local Business Directory submission on high authority directory websites
  • Images and Video Marketing on top website and image sharing sites
  • Press release creation and distribution about our services and updates
  • Social Media Optimization which will helps to build social signals and referral traffic.
  • Guest blogging and Guest article posting

These are few of the activities done in Off-page SEO works. There are many other ways as well of making the backlinks which depending on the SEO strategy for the website. Since the above process of building backlinks is gradual in the process, the ranking also improves in a gradual manner.

So most of the time the website may take around 4-5 months on come on the first page of Google. But the duration purely depending upon the competitiveness of the keywords and the other competing websites. But once the website is on the first page, you can calculate the amount of free and potential traffic that you can get from that SEO work.

How much do we need to invest in SEO work?

This is not so easy question to answer frankly speaking. It purely depends upon the business you are dealing, the present status of your website and keywords and competitors. It is not so easy to work out the timing and position and would be unethical to predict so easily unless we have done some detailed analysis.

Why Hire an SEO specialist?

A detailed SEO analysis of website with its backlink profile and competitor analysis can help to understand the approximate schedule. There is hardly any business left which has no competition, so the time and cost would not depending on the present status of the website and competition.

But always remember, regardless of the marketing strategy and business type, all will require time, energy and money if they want to succeed. The only smart step you can take is a plan for a longer-term business that can help to save bigger cost in coming further by investing some amount today.

We at BestoSEO also offer Best SEO services for SEO for photography website or any other kind of website wherein you want to improve your website ranking and drive more traffic to Search engines.

You can send us your website details, and we can help you with a free website analysis for keywords, present raking status and approximate budget required to start the SEO project. I am sure this idea will help you a lot for the future of your business and success.

You can comment on the below section or simply send your website details to the contact page. We will send you to complete analysis report for your website with a quote.

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