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If you have recently launched a business and want to have more visibility, the best way would be to add business to google maps. Adding business to google maps or list business on google places help to make your business visible to people nearby your location. Google Local business is already helping millions of business owners around the world. Getting business on Google is very easy and can be done in simple steps as described in our below post.


How to Register Business on Google Maps

How to add business to Google Maps or Google Places

Getting your business on google maps is very easy and fast. This is one mainly of 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Add Business to Google Maps

Step 2: Confirm your business address

Step 3: Get customer through Google Maps

Let us discuss the above steps in more details on how to add a business to google maps. Once the business is on google local places, there is really very high possibility of getting more leads and clients.

Step 1 – Add Business to Google Maps / Register Business on google maps

Please click on the link here to get redirected to Google My Business page. This will take you the start page for Google my business where you need to click on “START NOW”. Once you click on this button, you will need to fill the form provided by Google. This form includes details like – Business name, street name, state, phone, category, and website. If you already have a website, it is highly recommended to add the domain name here in the form. Once your business gets listed, there is a very good chance of getting more visitors to the website as well.

Adding Business to Google Maps

Adding Business to Google Maps

Important Tips

While filling the google my business form, you have to be very sure that you enter the business details in most suitable form from SEO point of view. Adding the main keyword in the business name is very useful. For example our business page displays:

Title: BestoSEO – Best SEO services company to Boost website traffic

If someone is looking for Best SEO services or SEO service company or SEO services, there is more chances for our website to be found on google maps. This makes our Google business page easier visible to users looking to increase or boost website traffic.

Once you are done with the above step of adding your data to google maps, we can move to the next step. i.e. Address verification by google.

Step 2: Google My Business Address verification

Google believes in 100% real people and authenticates business. This is why Google likes to verify everything about your business before it starts sending visitors or clients. Once the business is added to google maps, google likes to verify the address and name for 100% real and legitimate. Google send a postcard with some code to the registered business address. Once this postcard is received, we need to add this code to the google verification page provided on google business page on google maps.

Google My Business Verification code

Google My Business Verification code

The business will not be available on Google Maps listing unless the verification code is submitted on the verification page. Therefore utmost care to be taken while adding the address and phone number. In some country, the verification is done through a phone call as well.

Step 3: Getting More Customer through Google My Business Page

Once the Business gets listed on google maps, you will start getting the visitors to your google maps page.

Whenever any users make searches in google search engine, relevant results get displayed. There is a possibility that other similar business or competitors might in the top of google maps. Therefore, you can try to make some SEO work as well to get on the top position of google maps. It is estimated that nearly 33% of visitors go with the company displayed on 1st position in search engine.

Therefore, if you are willing to be on the first position or struggling to get the top position on google maps, we can help you with the best results with our best SEO services for google maps or SEO services for local business listing. You can contact us with short messages about the requirement with your google map link and preferred keywords for ranking.

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